Thursday, March 5, 2009

in Maya's Words

On Vertical Film Approach/Method.. in other words, how she goes about/considers the constructing of her work.

"an investigation of a situation, in that it probes the ramifications of the movement, and is concerned with its qualities and its depth, so that you have poetry concerned, in a sense, not with what is occurring but with what it feels like or what it means.  A poem, to my mind, creates visible or auditory form for something that is invisible, which is the feeling or the emotion or the metaphysical content of the statement.  Now, it may also include action, but its attack is what I would call the vertical attack, and this may be a little bit clearer if you will contrast it to what I would call the horizontal attack, to drama which is concerned with the development, let's say, within a very small situation from feeling to feeling."   -Maya Deren

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